“It's about being an artist of social change, making sure we are not just stepping into the status quo of what society and the industry wants to place on you. There are so many types of confounds and limits that the industry wants to place on you, especially as a black man, as hyper masculine and hyper fetishized. How we show up in culture and the consciousness of everyone and how we are commodified and showed after being taken from our motherland and being brought here... - Ryan Jamaal Swain, Flaunt Magazine 2019 // • • Photos x @jasonrowestudio Styling x @whathewears Grooming x @gianlucamandelli1 Manicure x @lacquerfetish Interview x @bjpandabear Shoot Assistant @iam__bwill // • In honor of season 2, I spoke to @flauntmagazine about how to show up for your life, also some cool stuff about SEASON 2!!!??? Check it out before the premiere in my bio. // • The incredible inspiration behind the styling was to call to the front my ancestor Prince Rogers Nelson. He will forever and always be one of my muses for artistic integrity and artistic excellence/wealth. Happy Belated #purplerain #malefashion #ryanjamaalswain #flauntmagazine #posefx #fashion #thombrowne #dior #landerosnewyork #prince #happypride #blackexcellence #folk #lgbtqia #stonewall