8 MINUTE ABS 🔥 I have been LOVING doing these about twice a week! . . Don’t forget to LIKE and SAVE to support me! 🤗 💕 . . I like doing timed movements rather than reps because it allows me to go slow and controlled and actually feel the contraction of my core rather than just pumping them out . . CIRCUIT: complete 2 rounds. Continue each movement for 1 Minute before moving onto the next 1️⃣ Plank Rotations 2️⃣ Alternating Touch Touches 3️⃣ Flutter Kicks (keep lower core engaged and hips tucked, DONT arch your lower back. These kill) 4️⃣ Bicycle Crunch . . Let me know if you give these a try! 👏🏼🔥 . . Make it a great day! cc: @carlyannmiller