Seven years ago today, I moved to Florida. 16 hours straight-through from Indiana to Tampa Bay. I had a childhood dream to chase, only a day after reaching another one (graduating from Purdue University). Although the last 7 years have taught me so much (mostly through lessons learned the hard way), this dream of mine still feels like a dream. I fall in love with this place more each day. And this past year has been my most impressive year to-date. I started my photography business 7/1/2018, was a nominee for “Teacher of the Year” in my school-district (my career means so much to me), and receive a lot of recognition for my photography through news-outlets and businesses (my favorite all time being @realsaltlife and @saltlifetampa )! I cannot tell you how often I thank and count my lucky stars. I am grateful forever-and-always to God/Jesus, my family/loved ones, and those that have truly been through the most trying of times with me throughout my life. The Bible says the seventh year is the most fruitful, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things God has planned for me this seventh-year in Florida. Just like this feature of my photo from Salt Life says: “It Was Love At First Sight The Day I Saw The Sea”...I couldn’t agree more! God is amazing!