💛 I’m posting late was waiting on her to open her gifts 🎁 so I can get the video it didn’t go as planned It’s the Loml 💛♥️bday today , I’m sitting in the car thinking bout what I could possibly say to make your day heart warming and appreciated I spent all day thinking about how was I going to make this a perfect one for you . I didn’t want to do to much today cus we was gone show out this weekend together on our trip 🥶 The love I have for you is unbreakable no matter how far you go just kno you always in my heart ♥️ and I’m coming to you whenever you need me! We have been thru so much together and to over come everything that come our way I just wanna say you a soldier 💂🏽‍♂️and you a real one you always been there for me wen I needed you and always supported my music . Thank you so much for being there you didn’t have to do that even wen shit isn’t good just kno you always came first . I kno I been hustling for a better life cus I want more for us . U never once wasn’t thought about Actually u made me go harder. YOUR MY MOTIVATION @amourr.jaii_ in life I hope you enjoy your bday and I love you to the moon 💛😘😘😘😘‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ (1:00 pm) #explore #explorepage