Would you Unplug from Social Media for a few days to really live in the moment? 😱 We live in such age where people are glued to their phones,but half the times it’s just mindless scrolling. Which makes it evening Sadder. 📲 For a while I turned on the ‘screen time’ feature on my iPhone and at first I was really shocked when it was clocking 9 plus hours a day - but then I sat back and thought about it. I run an online business. I listen to hours of audible books and online trainings, I edit photos, listen to my morning mediations, use my phone for my full work day - emails, connections, talking to clients, run team trainings , do my workouts etc (I don’t use a desktop) I wasn’t trying to justify the crazy amount of time I spend on my phone but I did take the guilt out when I realized why I’m on it so much - it’s my mobile office 👩🏽‍💻 But even with that said this weekend I wanted to just unplug and I only used my phone for pictures. I’ve been so blessed by the opportunities running an online business have given me that I really wanted to enjoy being present with my goddaughter and my long time friends from school celebrating on a hen (bachelorette) weekend 👰🏼 So tell me - how much time do you spend on your phone ? Is it mindless or is it productive ? 🤷🏽‍♀️ and if it’s mindless would you like to learn how to make phone time earn you extra income ? I mean why not you’re already on your phone right ?! 💯